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We love adventure, we love exploring and we've been doing it since the dawn of man. What is it about exploring that interests us, that motivates us, that inspires us? Is it the fact that it's never been done, is it the element of not knowing, is it the glory?

For us, the world is a laboratory to test our product and to take our Pioneers as far as they wish to go. The highest mountains, the remotest of Polar Regions and the deepest seas are amazing, magical places, where extreme conditions can be merciless. In seeking out new adventures, we've been lucky enough to have created some of the most inspiring relationships with some of the UK's most inspiring people. The Pioneers of Finisterre seek out new adventures, they use our products and take us places we never thought we'd go!

We've crafted what we'd like to think is the finest spring/summer weight insulation jacket in the UK.

Summer Insulation