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The Rev Julius Nieuwland was a botanist and chemist whose work at the start of the 19th century led to the invention of neoprene.

After three years of research and development, this winter we launched our unique wetsuit tester programme - ‘Nieuwland Works’. As well as looking at the design criteria for a wetsuit built by a British brand that understands the needs of surfers on these shores, the aim was also to build on the brand’s heritage of innovation and quality.

300 wetsuit testers around the UK from our athletes to guys on the ground, have helped us refine our wetsuits and we are excited and proud of what we’ve created.

"We've developed a suit that will perform in the true cold water environments that we experience on these shores" explains Finisterre founder Tom Kay "Not just in Cali-style 25°C air temps and constant sunshine. Over here we experience much higher windchill, lower temperatures and more rain - time in the water is paramount. These are the factors we’ve considered when designing these suits.”

We have been working with Mat D'Ascoli, a true master in his field to build, develop and refine the current suit for over 10 months. Features we have focused on include double needle blind stitching throughout (warmth and durability), higher internal loft throughout suit (warmth), 15mm seam tape (warmth and durability), higher-grade neoprene through upper body (flexibility), as well as a custom neck entry system (reduced flushing).

The wetsuits are scheduled for release in October 2015 in a 5mm hooded and 4mm non-hooded style.

You’ll be able to pre-order a wetsuit this July.