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  • How To Choose From Our Denim

    Life is lived in a pair of jeans. Almost everyone owns them, and nothing quite beats that feeling of sinking into the perfect pair and wearing them in until they're threadbare. That’s why we’ve Read more
  • Bristol Bound: Finisterre x Gulfstream Surfboards

    We've known Jools from Gulfstream Surfboards for a while now; you might have caught our range in their Braunton store, or seen the London quiver designed by Jose, Jools' right-hand woma Read more
  • Q&A With Product Director Debbie On Microplastics

    We’re always keeping our ears to the ground when it comes to running our business in the most sustainable way possible, from the materials we use in our products to how we serve our coffe Read more
  • Finisterre's Commitment To Going Fluorocarbon Free

    Looking at alternative solutions to environmental problems is something we are always trying to do. Over the past few years, we've been looking into alternative waterproof finishes for our outerwea Read more
  • Bristol Bound: Finisterre x Origin Coffee

    We’re gearing up for our Bristol shop launch in a couple of weeks, and as you might have seen we’re pretty pumped to be partnering with Origin Coffee in store. Based just down the way from us, Read more
  • Made For Mornings Like These

    White lines, headlights and road signs blur past when you’re powering down the motorway full pelt to reach the promised land; you’re imagining spectacular swell, pe Read more
  • Good With Wool: Lesley Prior On Our Bowmont Merino Flock

    Back in 2005, we made a unanimous decision to place wool at the centre of our fabric development. One of the oldest natural fibres known to man, its functional properties are well known and Read more
  • How To Care For Your Merino Wool

    We've spent years developing, refining and tweaking our own blend of Merino so we could be proud of the signature base layers we are known for. We can’t shout enough about how great Merino is, fr Read more
  • Why Wool?

    It’s no secret that we love wool. It’s one of the oldest fibres in the world, durable and functional, not to mention naturally occurring. You’ll find it in all corners of the Finister Read more
  • An Ode To The Fisherman Beanie

    Paying homage to Jacques Cousteau, his dedication to oceanography and iconic red fisherman beanie.  “The sea is everything.” - Jac Read more
  • Bristol Bound: Surfing The Severn Bore

    Bristol, October 1972. Surfers were set to ride ‘one of the biggest bores of the year’, or so they thought. A gateway to the South West, the bridge between city and coast, Bristol is  Read more
  • Our Merino: Not Just Made For Mountains

    Post-Surf Warmth As surfers, Merino is our go to because it’s moisture wicking and incredibly soft and warm, perfect for when you emerge out of the water after a long sess Read more

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