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  • Field-notes And Reflections From Papua New Guinea: Part II

    Written by Easkey Britton - Finisterre Ambassador  Distraction-free, the days seem so much longer, fuller, without a mobile device or emails to respond to and yet it’ Read more
  • Dads Of The World, We Salute You

    You may have been our surf instructors, our biggest fans, our harshest critics, our role models, our unsung heroes. We’ll have loved and admired you, rebelled against you, appreciated you unc Read more
  • Humans Of The Sea: Easkey Britton in Papua New Guinea

    First touch of sea on bare skin last night as the moon came up and the sunlight bled into the water, sharing a few two-footers with a female dominated line-up; Ruthie aged 17, arguably Tupira a Read more
  • Finisterre Ambassador Noah Lane Wins the Magic Seaweed Winter Session

    We have always taken a simple approach to the people we believe in at Finisterre; we like to spend time with them and see how the relationship grows. We've roamed a fair bit with Noah in some v Read more
  • James Otter Handplane Workshop

    Barefoot wanderer; oracle craftsman; friend of Finisterre. James Otter fled from coast to city to talk shop over two evenings and to host our first hand-plane workshop in the London store. Read more
  • James Newitt - SURFER magazine Art Director

    Since its founding in 1959 by surfer, artist and filmmaker John Seversen, SURFER magazine has had a long tradition of breaking new ground. Cover shots that stop you dead in your tracks, provocative Read more
  • The Shepherd, The Pirate & The Time Travelers.

    A short Movie by Dougal Paterson. Read more
  • Two million people in the sky - by Chris Ranford

    We've known Ranny for a while, he's a kindred spirit and we've shared many a surf session laughing and sharing tales between sets. When he told us he was cycling from Cornwall, down to the south of Read more
  • Easkey Britton talks Cold Water Surfing

    What does it mean to be a cold water surfer? What attracts us to those hard edges and wild elements? 'The ideal should not be the calm, which can turn the very ocean to a stagnant pool, n Read more
  • Sam talks 90's Classics...

    With a few more dark nights ahead we reached out to our ambassador Sam Bleakley for some film and book recommendations to take us through to spring. For the next few weeks Sam will be dropping some Read more
  • A kid called Sandy...

    Sandy Kerr grew up in the industrial region of the North East, he still calls the brown barrels up there his home. When you watch him surf you realise he's spent a long time studying the old school Read more
  • The Petrel

    The Petrels are truly legitimate seafaring birds. Mysterious and rarely seen, they spend much of their lives at sea, only coming to land to nest under the cover of dark. The name Petrel is referen Read more

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