As the years have gone on, the workshop numbers have grown. We have welcomed a team whose interests vary from cycling to skating, writing to music. What else has grown is that stack of boards behind the door which makes our office so authentically and uniquely Finisterre.


They’re used from time to time when there’s a particularly good swell at our local spot and we’ve got an hour spare to rush from cliff to coast with the gang; they’ve gone on surf trips with our ambassadors and on location with our creative team to the likes of Norway, Iceland and the Outer Hebrides; they’ve been waxed up and down, each layer a tale to tell of our adventures.


vb571456_ CWS-Ireland-DG-27


There’s something about surfboard wax; that distinct smell which can only mean surfing, the speckled texture which grips onto your fingers, the way it rubs onto your clothes, an all too familiar badge of honour.


When our photographer David returned from a trip to Ireland with the above image in tow, it sparked an idea in Lead Product Designer Todd’s head: a design which mimicked this wax pattern, encapsulating this symbol of surf trips past and a sense of blending into the environment. It culminated in the Wax Camo Print Nimbus, a limited edition piece which continues our celebration of a decade of using recycled insulation.




- C


Our Limited Edition Wax Camo Print Nimbus is available online and in store in both Men's and Women's