Post-Surf Warmth

As surfers, Merino is our go to because it’s moisture wicking and incredibly soft and warm, perfect for when you emerge out of the water after a long session in the depths of winter. It goes without saying that Merino is ideal for activewear: climbers, runners, cyclists, hikers alike use our base layers thanks to its antibacterial and temperature regulating properties.


Breathable Layering

One of the best things about our Merino is how thin it is, lending itself to layering up or stripping down. Breathable, soft and keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, there’s always a time when you’ll need to reach for Merino; whether you’re on the face of a mountain or heading out for a walk.




Soft On Your Skin

Naturally soft, you don't get the itch in our Merino. Smooth on your skin, it's why we use it for our underwear and long johns.


Totally Natural

The best thing? It's totally natural, and comes from non-mulseled sheep. That's important to us; if you're going to be wearing something next to your skin day in, day out, you want to know where it's sourced from.