We've spent years developing, refining and tweaking our own blend of Merino so we could be proud of the signature base layers we are known for. We can’t shout enough about how great Merino is, from its moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties to its breathability, durability, softness and warmth. So it’s important to know how to care for your Merino wool products, from knowing how, when and how often to wash, so you make the most of them and can keep hold of them for years to come.


Our Merino wool is sourced from fully traceable non-mulesed sheep farms in New Zealand, and processed and knitted in Europe by eco-label certified spinners. Sometimes nature needs a helping hand, which is why the Merino in our base layers is blended with 20% polyamide; this improves the strength and durability of the garment without affecting its softness. Whilst Merino is antibacterial - very helpful when you’re out on a surf trip with no access to a washing machine - when it comes to cleaning and caring for you Merino wool products, here’s a few tips and tricks to make sure they remain a part of your quiver.


Wash at 30°C on a gentle wool cycle with similar colours, keep it on a low spin - max 600


Turn your Merino wool garment inside out when washing as this will help prevent it from pilling


Do not dry clean or tumble dry


Do not bleach or use fabric softener


Line dry only away from direct heat


Or flat dry Merino jumpers, as this will help to keep their shape


Cool iron only if you feel you need to


Avoid wringing any Merino wool garment as it will stretch and twist the fabric


Do not hang Merino wool - keep it folded to help maintain their shape