Paying homage to Jacques Cousteau, his dedication to oceanography and iconic red fisherman beanie. 

“The sea is everything.” - Jacques Cousteau


The father of the fisherman’s beanie in the iconic red, Cousteau pioneered ocean exploration and conservation, documenting underwater life through fact and film. For coastal natives, hardy fishermen and surfers alike, his contribution to oceanography has shaped our understanding of the sea and all that lies within it, from his award-winning film The Silent World to co-developing the Aqua-Lung.


It was this development of the Aqua-Lung which changed the face of diving for years to come. Before this French Naval officer and diving enthusiast came along, the need for an apparatus that would allow divers to dig deep beneath the surface of the sea was real. Dissatisfied himself by this lack of innovation, Cousteau designed a breathing apparatus that filtered carbon dioxide from exhaled oxygen, then delivered purified air back to the tank. It was testing this that nearly killed him during a dive when he passed 45 feet.


Countless films, documentaries, articles and expeditions later, Jacques Cousteau remains one of our most pertinent underwater heroes. Inspiring many - like us - to be mindful of our seas and all that live within it, he has left a legacy behind. All in his trademark red fisherman beanie.


Chapeau, Cousteau.