You may have been our surf instructors, our biggest fans, our harshest critics, our role models, our unsung heroes. We’ll have loved and admired you, rebelled against you, appreciated you unconditionally and probably taken you for granted more than once.

Cheers for sticking by us.

On the other side of the veil is becoming a father, whether it's a distant prospect or a near reality, to become that person, to pass on life lessons, to teach your kids basic values and make sure they learn, grow, and repeat that cycle.

Our ambassadors know the importance of fathers and fatherhood - from Easkey, whose Dad has driven her passion for waves - see our Father's Day blog last year -  to Fergal, who has just embarked on his first journey into fatherhood.

We've asked them to let us in on what fatherhood means to them, the lessons they've learned and how it's affected how they pass on advice and wisdom to their little groms.

Fergal Smith

(photo credit: Mitch Corbett - taken on a recent farm trip that can be read about at

Ambassador Ferg is part of organic farm Moyhill Garden, so introducing his little girl to the ways of living off the land and instilling values of nature and community are just as important as teaching her about the ocean. More than that, it comes hand in hand.

"Becoming a father has definitely slowed my desire to only surf big waves but hasn't affected my love for them. That said: my love for my daughter is the top priority. Introducing Sunshine to surfing and the ocean is so important because I know how much fun she will have. She's only 1 and a half and she's already caught her first few waves - seeing that is the best feeling in the world."

Tom Kay - Finisterre Founder 

"Being a father puts everything into perspective. It's a measure of time in a face which changes every day - weeks feel like months when so much happens in such a short period.

Things have changed for me - maybe I'm up a bit later or my priorities have changed. Maybe I surf a little less than before, but it's always in anticipation of hanging out with the little one.

I'm excited to get him in the surf and to share that passion for the sea. It's time to pass it on."

Sam Bleakley

One last thing... Here's ambassador Sam Bleakley getting his little boy Ruben into the salt.