The Atlantic is the engine house of swell creation and it has been busy the last month or so. It has got us excited thinking of what the remaining cold months might bring. So much so we thought we’d dig out five of the photos that get us most fired up for surfing in the winter.

1. The picture that inspired us to open the workshop doors in the first place. Founder Tom Kay saw this image of Carlos Burle in a surf magazine over 12 years ago. The cold, isolation and commitment that goes into a moment like this sent finisterre on the road we are on today. It’s hung in the workshop as a constant dose of inspiration.


2. James Bowden captured this moment on a recent trip to Iceland. It’s one of those shots that stopped the workshop in its tracks. A perfect overhead right-hander breaking in a place you’d never of dreamed of surfing ten years ago.


3. It’s dark when you wake, frost on the windows, light winds. Charts look great and you set off. You get closer to your first vantage point and the butterflies start – How big will it be? Will anyone be out? Then you hit the brow of the hill and you see a set wave. This photo gives us butterflies every time we look at it.


Photo – Mickey Smith

4. We love this shot because it captures the solitude and humility that surrounds the life of a cold water surfer. No fan fare, no photographers lining the beach as you leave the water. Just a long walk back to the car and a flask of something warming.


Photo – David Gray

5. Perfection. Long rights, just you and a few mates, a bunch of boards, log burner, fresh fish, whiskey and days of endless offshores. It doesn’t get much better.


Photo - Al Mackinnon