In 1860 Blackburn based Cookson & Clegg started making leather workwear for coal delivery men. By 1914 they were manufacturing uniforms for the British Army. History is important to us, equally though, driving innovation and creating technical products with beautiful yet functional fabric is at the heart of Finisterre product and key to the future of British manufacturing. It’s the reason we chose Cookson & Clegg to make our Men's Ovis and Women's Arco jeans.



“Our interest in Manufacturing in Britain goes beyond patriotic flag flying and nostalgia. We needed technical skills, quality and craftsmanship to create the look and feel of our denim, all of which we have found from the team at Cookson & Clegg, a factory committed to building upon traditional approaches and investing in new skills, new technology and building a British factory of the future."

It’s important we challenge the rules, we have to know the rules of the game of course, like any other game. But the rules are meant to be a springboard not a straightjacket. The floor, not the ceiling. It’s why we decided to add wool to our jeans. The outcome was extra warmth, breathability and antibacterial qualities, all whilst remaining beautifully stylish. Results worth ruffling a few feathers for.

We’ve combined traditional manufacturing techniques with modern technology to revolutionize denim.


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