Last Sunday saw the 13th annual World Belly Board Championships held just around the corner from the workshop at Chapel Porth. With awards for best paint job, a vintage swimwear contest, and even a (fiercely-contested) bake-off, it's one of the least conventional surf contests around.

Bellyboarding is surfing at its most basic, and most fun, just you and a plank of wood, enjoying the waves. Contestants are judged on length of ride, flow, style, and enjoyment; this really is a contest where the best surfer is the one having the most fun. The rules are simple - no fins, no leashes, and crucially, no wetsuits.

Vicky and Rebecca from the workshop decided to give the world title a shot, and despite neither of them making it into the top 100, they had fun and even said it wasn't that cold. There's always next year...

Here's a few of Rebecca's Polaroids from the day:

The crowds and contestants gather
The crowds and contestants gather

WBBC Otter Surfboards
James and the team from Otter Surfboards

WBBC 2015 conditions
Small weak surf made for challenging contest conditions