We are just going to come out and say it – summer is coming to an end. Yep, there are cold days around the corner, but chin up, we’d like to remind you of the utter joy of Autumn.

Waves – The Atlantic (the engine room of swell creation) goes into overdrive during the Autumn, mild air and water temperatures and less crowds give some of the best conditions of the year. Summer was fruitful this year, but as the great bear once said “that’s just the lemon next to the pie”.


Changing Colours – There’s no denying how incredible the leaves look at this time of year. In the US Tourists follow these colours, staying in quaint inns and snapping photographs of red barns in green fields, framed by bursts of autumn leaves. Known as “leaf peepers” (yep, leaf peeping is a hobby) they flock to New England every autumn where they wind their way along normally quiet country roads. You don’t have to go all that way to have your eyes massaged, parks, forests and towns right here in the UK will look magical in the next month or two.


Adventures - Summer is nearly over, but outdoor souls need not be sad. Autumn is a perfect time for adventures, it’s more subtle, colorful and varied than the long days of summer (see above) and with a little more planning and a few more layers there are some great adventures still to be had. Make the most of it before winter gets its foot in the door.


Jumper Weather – There’s something beautiful about waking up on a cold, crisp morning, opening the wardrobe and pulling your favourite warm jumper over your head.


The Rugby World Cup – Love it or hate it, but 15 men chasing an egg shaped ball gets many of us in the workshop excited. With a mix of folk from England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Australia in the workshop – the banter has already begun!

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Soup, stews and red wine – Enough said.