For us here at Finisterre, our business is built around honesty and transparency, it’s why we lift the lid on everything we do through our iSPY programme. We are also not a brand bound by other people’s perspectives, we’ve built the place around our own experiences.

Creating an ever evolving range of product is a constant journey, as is choosing the right materials and the best people to make these products. So we seek out the factories we can have honest relationships with, the factories that will ultimately help us deliver the best product. Sometimes this means bringing things closer to home and sometimes it means going further afield. We strive to bring manufacturing closer to the raw materials and components, sourcing this often means going where the technology, innovation and sustainable advancements are concentrated.

A few months back founder Tom Kay and our Product Director Debbie Luffman spent two weeks in China exploring some of the most technically advanced factories on the planet. Keen to push innovation, we were looking for a new supplier for our Insulation jackets. So Tom and Debbie laid down the challenge, walked the factory floors, shook hands and asked questions. They left with new relationships forged, having found a modern and skilled supplier to make our product.

We’ll cultivate this relationship like we have with so many others and the product will speak for itself.