Rich had no intention of making coffee. One afternoon he found himself buying a 1950s coffee roaster and had no idea what to do with it. Suddenly everything started falling into place.

For many who aspire to blaze their own trail there’s a mentor, someone who inspires, who’s path you can examine and learn from. Rich had a good friend who’d been doing his own thing for sometime and when the opportunity arose Rich decided to take the leap.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, it’s hard. Money is difficult, cashflow can be a nightmare, there’s a lot of discomfort. Decisions are made that you find yourself constantly questioning. It becomes all consuming, switching off becomes the hardest part. It’s something Rich has had to contend with.

The flipside is the pride in what he’s doing, he goes to work every morning to work on something he loves, he’s building his own dreams and gets to chose who he does it with. He’s recently bought a bigger roaster and growth is happening.

Sometimes when opportunities arise you have to jump, and like Rich - you can build your wings on the way down.