Everyone has great ideas;

‘Wouldn’t it be cool if…’
‘Imagine if…'
‘Why hasn’t somebody invented a…?'

Not everyone has the courage to act upon them. Mark went camping one night and whilst tucked up in his traditional sleeping bag he realised how claustrophobic he felt. He went home the following day and scribbled an outline of a sleeping bag with more space and called it the sleeping pod. Fast forward a few years and it’s been the UK’s top selling sleeping bags. Never has the saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ been more true.

The success of the pod gave Mark the freedom to leave his job and focus on the next challenge. Being a surfer and living in a flat here in Cornwall, space is at a premium and wetsuits are often hung over bathtubs or over balconies. Dritek was born from a frustration of the amount of flimsy hangers he was sending to landfill each year - his solution was to create the toughest, most versatile hanger ever. One that protects your wetsuit, helps it dry quickly and stands the test of time.

18 months in and Dritek is going from strength to strength, an array of exciting collaborations lie ahead, including a unique project with us (launching soon). The future looks promising for the man who never dreamt of being an inventor.

Marks perfect day is an early morning dog walk across Fistral Beach, into the office to send out products - which he does personally and loves. An early afternoon finish for a mid-tide surf followed by a cold beer with good friends and his wife Anja.