“Women’s wetsuits were horrendous!” And Elsie had had enough. In 2007 she designed her first wetsuit and as her business has grown it’s been her greatest mentor.

Elsie has always been a creator, it was just a matter of time before it became a practical creativeness. Mentored by Paul Chambers of ‘bodyline’ she set her sights on creating something which was both functional and performance-based but also looked good and had some style to it – surf wear which was actually made with women in mind.

It wasn't long before the work she was doing caught the eye of the fashion press. Demand grew and Elsie recently launched a full collection of wetsuit swimsuits and separates, with an online store where colours are fully customisable. The range consists of high-waisted surf bikini pants and tops, sleeve-less and long-sleeve wetsuit swimsuits for women and long-john suits and vests for men.

The beautiful thing about what Elsie is doing is she isn’t chasing a lifetime of spending, she’s chasing the perfect work/life balance, working everything around the movements of the tide and the quality of the surf.