Demi Taylor was handling the UK communications for some of the world’s leading surf brands before she decided to go walkabout with her husband Chris. They packed up their camper van and drove from Scotland to Morocco with the goal of writing a book. They had no publisher and no commission, just a camera, a computer and a belief in what they were doing. It was a risk - leaving the safety of the harbor often is. With 12 months surfing, exploring and documenting the Atlantic coastline under their belts they returned to Cornwall, found a publisher and released Surfing Europe.

Demi has since gone on to write and photo edit six best selling surf titles. Her books include Surfing Britain, Surfing Europe and Surfing the World – a dream tour around the world’s best 80 waves – which features contributions from some of waveriding’s most iconic characters and has been celebrated by the likes of ASL and Surfer Magazine.

In 2011 Demi and Chris pulled back the curtains at the first London Surf Film Festival. As co-founder she’s also the creative director and felt this was the perfect way to bring together the very best film premieres from across the globe with the best UK art, photography, artisans and music.

There are still risks, but the only thing keeping her awake at night now is ideas.