For four years Ben was training chefs at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant. It was a coveted role and the decision to leave was hard, but he was set on building his own dream, of returning to his farmhouse kitchen roots where fascinating people would sit shoulder to shoulder and share memorable food.

The first few years were hard, it was about staying true to his beliefs and holding his dreams close. Ben is comfortable in his own skin, he's confident, he knew the end result was never in doubt. A familiar trait amongst successful entrepreneurs.

Ben's intentions remain pure - to give a service that is going to be true to what he loves about cooking - a great balance of service, food and experience that he craved to get right in a restaurant setting. For Ben the magic is in keeping it simple, about doing things right and always doing it over a wood fire.

He’s a father and husband first, that’s the priority. He’s a chef that surfs second.