Anja started Anja Jones Translation in 2010 with the aim of helping companies to access overseas markets. Specialising in website, app and brand translation in German, French and UK English, she’s handling projects for some big hitters - international brands such as Kobo, Foursquare, Uber, Indiegogo, and Vimeo.

14 hour days were the norm to begin with, they often are in start-ups, but it wasn’t sustainable. Cornwall’s Get Set for Growth programme helped Anja work through a marketing strategy and helped her create a marketing plan, they also dug into the finances and created a cashflow forecast. The balance soon shifted, the clock seemed to tick a little slower, things were getting done, customers were happy and Anja soon employed her first full time translator.

Business is growing, Anja now has a team of over 50 freelance translators and her strategy is simple - to treat people well and not exploit translators. Who would of thought giving a shit would be so good for business!