Marcus 'Markie' Lascelles will be speaking at our London store on Thursday 11th June. He is head shaper of beachbeat and cord surfboards. Born and bred in St Agnes, Cornwall, Markie took over the companies full time when his dad (the late great Peter 'Chops' Lascelles) tragically passed away, he hasn't looked back since.

Markie and the team work on state of the art CAD shaping programs to design their boards and operate their own APS 3000 shaping machine, one of the most dialled and accurate machines the world over. An incredible asset for fractional custom design adjustments and the duplication of your magic design again and again.

If you’ve been considering buying a one of a kind, custom shaped surfboard, built for your surfing needs and ability, Markie will be around after his talk and all day Friday so you can sit with a coffee and chat through the best board for you. You can explore the computer programme he uses to design bespoke surfboards, see your board in 3d and chat through weight, length, rail shape and rocker before hitting the save button and your board can be cut on Monday.




Photos - Kirstin Prisk