Noah Lane embarked on a trip to surf and explore the Icelandic Coastline last week. Joined by Chris McClean, James Bowden and Mikey Corker it sounds like they had a pretty radical time. Sleeping under the Northern Lights, surfing some arctic barrels and capturing its beauty.

Just before they left we handed over the keys to our Instagram account and asked Noah to capture the trip and give us an idea of their routines...

This is what he saw...


Noah 1 Noah 3 Noah 4

A long day and a bad tent pitch. Woke up wet after the wind blew down my side. McClean was, as always sleeping like a baby.

Noah 2

Noah 5

The perks of being in such an isolated location. The best drinking water imaginable. Chris stocks up.

Noah 17

The Ekman has handled everything thrown at it including this mountain wind test.

Noah 6

Side of road, morning coffee ritual.

Noah 9

Nature's dishwasher.

Noah 8

Breakfast of kings. Oats, dates, raisins and honey.

Noah 7

Early morning dirty dishes.

Noah 11

Chris using his resourcefulness to recycle this beach trash into a pretty tidy fire pit.

Noah 10

The tent gets pretty musky after a few days of damp. Making the most of the sun.

Noah 14

Our poor car has copped a beating. How do you explain muddy foot prints on the roof to a hire car company? Don't think "surf check" will cut it.

Noah 12

Clean stream, clean clothes.

Noah 13

Washed and dried.

Noah 15

Breakfast essentials.

Noah 19

It's bigger than it looks and exactly as you would draw in your school books.

Noah 18

Icelandic tunnel vision

Noah 16

Post surf drying rack.

Noah 21

Coupla 'bergs.

Noah 20

Every few days we've bettered the last camp location. This one didn't disappoint.

image 2

Post-surf change.


Pre-surf prep.

image 3

Iceberg hopping.

Noah 24

The only thing missing is the unicorns.

Noah 23

There aren't many trees, but there's plenty of driftwood. Food and fire prep with James.

Noah 22

Camp life downtime.

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