The Challenger's Almanac isn’t your average business book. It brings together stories from people who are led by their ideas, who take the road less travelled and have created businesses worth much more than the money they make. Over the last year the team behind the Almanac have collected these stories and combined them with practical advice from some of the people who are helping to build Challenger brands. A celebration of those challenging the status quo, beautiful design and photography, The Challenger’s Almanac is designed to make people sit up, take notice and be inspired.


Finisterre Founder Tom Kay was asked to share his story. The three values that have brought himself and Finisterre to where it is today: commitment, focus and passion.


'Most days I'm in the Landy with the dog and at work by about eight. If the surf is good and tide's right, i might try and sneak an early surf in beforehand. Open up the workshop and then go for a quick walk on the cliffs with Otis...' Page 103



A book that will inspire.




(The amazing folks at TCA have donated two books for two separate winners.)

With 28 unique stories we want to know what story you would most like to delve into.
How to enter:

1. Follow this link to our Facebook page
2. Comment on the competition post with the story description you would most like to read. (descriptions below)

- The godfather of Challenger Brands.
- The speaker of one of the most watched TedTalks of all time.
- The A-list celebrity revolutionising family products.
- The accountant who is redefining client relationships.
- The man who is getting his town making jeans again.
- The women who is helping to fix the future.
- The eyewear brand that’s given 500,000 pairs of glasses to people in need.
- The clothing company who wrote a manifesto celebrated by over 100 million people.
- The market researchers that take inspiration from freaks and geeks.
- The scheme that takes a small amount of turnover and changes the world with it.
- The designers who have visually branded some of the world’s most successful Challengers.
- The guy heading up the rise of the maker.
- The paint company taking on its industry.
- The certification that represents the world’s most responsible brands.
- The young entrepreneur whose business is a force for good.
- The beer club that champions the little guys.
- The founder of the nicest creative blog in the world.
- The women who champion equality in the workplace.
- The cartoonist who consults for the world’s biggest brands.
- The creatives carving out time for creativity.
- The travel company with a thirst for new challenges.
- The guys who stand for doing the things that matter.
- The agency that rebels against traditional marketing.
- The sustainable apparel company creating a new category.
- The confectionary company with a penchant for good.
- The woman who will change the way people give.
- The serial entrepreneur who thrives on failure.
- The King of Shoreditch.

The two winners will be chosen randomly on the 22nd August.

Good Luck!
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