Over the last couple of months you may have heard us mention the name 'Roma' a fair few times. We have had the pleasure of working alongside Roma Surf Shop with board meets, pop ups and even taken on a few boards for demo days.
For those who don't know the story behind Roma we caught up with Rob Morgan early this week and asked him a few questions...


1.What is Roma?

Roma was started with the key ingredient of a good surf shop in mind....Boards!

I had worked with Bro and Paul from Diplock Surfboards back in North Devon and it was an easy step to stock Roma full of their boards.

It's a travelling Surf Shop and we will always stay mobile as it gives the shop a great reach and lends its self to the changing seasons. We are always on the look out for a permanent base but it would be just that...a base from which to get out and about.

The pop ups throughout the Summer along with the Board Show at Finisterre have been perfect for showcasing what UK shaping has to offer and also where the advantages lye in getting your boards made over here.

There is an eclectic group of people working with Roma who all add their own touch in defining what the shop is all about. Whenever we are running an event or popped up there is the opportunity for different people to push their own thing and get their own group involved.


2. Your background?

Its been a case of setting up camp in the South West on a permanent basis. Coming from the middle of the country I have been really lucky to live within 20 mins of the beach for quite a while now but its always been a thin wire. When timed right enough work in the Summer can mean a trip in Winter and then a return to good waves and warming waters. Recently however I went away in the Summer and it kind of screwed me over. It meant a couple of months at home and a little longer than expected living back in Plymouth. It's where Roma started though and that idea of getting in a van with a full quiver, camping gear and a few free days ahead was where the shop comes from.

3. What's the future of Roma?

Physical bricks and mortor!

Just to take base camp out of the house and into our own spot. Enough space to have all the boards and more room to work on the little projects we have going on.

I also love the idea of a fleet of Roma vehicles just parked up and ready to go.

It feels like a band doing the ground work on the road but it's where you meet all the people who want to be involved. When we open the doors there should be a bunch of people coming in and out who we have bumped into on our way.


4. What's in your quiver?

As tempting as it is to just grab a new board from the shop the following is what has been on rotation for the last couple of years;

9' 4" Diplock Pintail Pig, 6' 3" Doc Laush Bonzer, 6' 0" Horizon West Single, 5' 10" Diplock Six Channel Single, 5' 10" Gulf Stream Fastback


5. Favourite UK break?

anywhere onshore with lots of rain

6. Your coldest surf?

Perhaps not the most hardened travel story but I would say East Runton in January, with a borrowed wetsuit.

My friend Steve invited me to cross the country one Winter and while we were spared the potential wind slop and surfed logs in really fun waves it was bloody freezing. Our friend Tom came with us and was in an even worse position. He had a 1980's suit that was so stiff it could stand on its own. I'm all up for retro equipment but not when it comes to suits! He was done with it after about 10 minutes!

7. What are you looking forward to this winter?

Scotland is next. We're heading up to the Hebrides at the end of September with no real end date. Either side of that we have events in North Devon and an ongoing pop up at Ohana Cafe in Newquay.

The first Board Hoard is just round the corner so really excited to see what people will bring out of the woodwork. Also some new additions for the shop and a really travel orientated quiver for Roma from the hands of Bro and Paul.

Other than that just more of the same.


Head over to our Finisterre Store Falmouth and check out a few of the Diplock shapes we have in stock on behalf of Roma.

More about Roma:

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