A year ago we opened our first shop away from our home town of St Agnes. Built lovingly from scaffolding planks (and some elbow grease) it soon formed an under canvas style that represented our surf trips and ventures to Norway and Scotland.

Over the last year being in Falmouth we have formed new friendships with loyal customers and what we would like to think extended family with likeminded businesses. They are people who believe in quality in both what they produce and the services they provide. These guys and girls have a passion for what they do, which can be seen here every day of the week.


After our new look was completed in June we now showcase a fine collection of boards put together by local shapers. Our board room is driven by our shop manager Lawrence who is always on the look out for new shapes and collaborations.


In both stores we try to embody the full Cold Water Surf experience, in an attempt to create and bring these remote, often hard to reach places to our customers. It is important to us that we can involve those who walk through our doors, with the essence of Finisterre, what we do, where we go and how exactly we get there.

- M