People don't see the 3 dogs lying around the workshop, or the boards and wetsuits lined up along the front door ready to be swept away, they don't see the mackerel getting smoked out back for lunch and they don't hear the music pumping in the warehouse, getting orders out around the world.

Some things, we just don't see, at least not all the time.

Morgan Maassen is 23, he lives in Santa Barbara, California and he's a talented young man. He's been surfing his whole life, he's an avid traveller and at the age of 13, he picked up a video camera and has never looked back. He says he's 'madly infatuated with travelling the world, and experiencing as much as he can of the ocean, cultures and beauty within it'.

Like the things we don't see, Morgan put together a beautiful piece on what happens under the waves we ride.

It's a beautiful short, brilliantly shot and edited and a great insight into the things happening under the water, the things we don't see.

Great to be in touch Morgan, let us know how our products hold up out there.

Best and keep chasing.