The stuff we put ourselves through for the things we love - we will chase adversity, triumph, pain, we will chase the things we love like a mad man chases happiness.

Climbing peaks, capturing intense moments, living off the land with little running water in order to surf cold remote waves. We put ourselves through huge levels of pain and discomfort, to reach those perfect moments, the moments when it all comes together.

We got in touch with Rob and the guys over at BlueChalk, a Brooklyn-based digital media company founded by people who believe in the power of non-fiction visual storytelling, after watching this beautiful piece on Cory. He's an adventurer first and photographer second. The environments they capture, the feelings Cory experiences are not too dissimilar to the ones we experience as cold water surfers - it's a brilliant glimpse into adversity, pain, suffering and triumph.

After speaking with Rob, he's had some beautiful things to say about making Tribute:

"I would say the best part of making Tribute was collaborating with such a talented team of people at Blue Chalk and our partners Elizabeth Lim and Digital One who all just wanted a great story told."

"Cory is a great photographer no doubt. But, he's also a really thoughtful guy when speaking about the adventure that is his life. He and I would talk regularly about progress and bat around ideas in the edit. It was a very creative and collaborative experience."

"Thanks, Rob"

Thank you for letting us share the story guys. Looking forward to supporting you and crew with product on the next adventure.

Best and keep chasing

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