We may be off grid, miles from reception, hunting down cold waves. Others may be in the city pounding tarmac trying to beat a personal best.

Whatever it is that we chase, there are some routines that never change, whether it's cold waves, or running through a bustling city.

Andrew Jay is from Apple Valley, Minnesota. He's a musician, he's a photographer and film maker. We found this short Andrew put together whilst he was travelling through the American West.

It reminded me of those mornings under canvas, chasing cold waves and how vital that routine is of making a pot of coffee for the crew. It also reminded me of a simple routine we all share, whether it's chasing cold waves, or running - a cup of coffee starts many a day. The only thing different here, is probably Andrew's view.

We loved it Andrew.

Best and keep chasing

If you wanted to see some of the music the man makes, you can listen here