He had a tight vision when he decided to turn away from an office and decent pay years ago - he wanted to bring great film to surf, he wanted to do it differently.

We've know Chris McClean for a few years now, but it feels more like a few decades. When you've shared -30 degree air temperatures, cold uncrowded waves and a bottle of whiskey with someone, years seem to disappear, i love this guy and the guys he's shot his most recent short with.

Way to fire on your most recent film, we'll be seeing you all very soon.

'Hunting surf has taken me all around the world, Norway to Hawaii, Peru to Guam but camping under the stars in the land of my ancestors last spring was one of the most powerful moments I’ve ever felt. A reward for the hard yards, for turning my back on a decent paid graphic design gig to chase the tides. Newly made friends, a handful of oat cakes, cheese and local beer was all at hand as the metoer’s started to zoom and pop, a fire was lit and as we sat back after a day on the road, we saw a glimmer, a rush of blood and yes the camera on a long exposure confirmed our suspicions the mysterious Northern lights were dancing over the northlands. We stared until we could see no more, exhausted we retired as the light from the east peeked over the horizon. We awoke to the crash of waves, but to be honest we didn’t care, the trip had delivered before it had started.'