At first glance, it's a radical idea, the majority would call it a bad one. It's a 4ft wave, generated in a pond, in the middle of a city, that costs a lot of money to do. But the dream is much greater than this, 'it's a place that fosters relationships, a place that can reconnect kids to the good things in life.' This was the thinking the team had behind the Wave.

To think that starting fires and living in the outdoors could be a global movement, was also a radical idea, probably a bad one to many. But the Scouting movement was much greater than this, it was all about leadership, self confidence, bringing youth closer to and more aware of the natural environment around them, a movement that has spread around the globe.

The best ideas in this world, the best products, best companies, they are all born from radical ideas, progressive ideas, bad ideas. The types of ideas that rationale, numbers and logic just can't answer.

Nick, Tobin and the team at The Wave have worked so hard for this dream to happen; the UK, is now a place you can get 4ft clean waves, every day.

We're proud of the guys at The Wave, we're proud of what they've achieved and we love the crazy thinking, the radical thinking, the guys who back the bad ideas - we're waiting for this one to global.

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