Our cold water surf knife was launched this month and within 4 days we sold out. It is the fastest selling product in Finisterre’s history.

We took a chance with the design, we collaborated with one of the best knife manufactures in the world, and we packaged them up as if they were getting hand delivered to the Queen.

The knife was designed with three things in mind - accessibility of the knife’s tools when stage 2 hypothermia has kicked in after a surf, a knife for cooking around camp / gutting the day’s catch, and a flat head for the removal of fins and all the other wondrous things a flathead can do.

Now that our 100 cold water surf knives are out there, we want to see them being used in many purposeful and inventive ways.

We're running a photo competition - we want you to use your knife, take a photo of it in use, then post it to our Facebook page and tag it #justuseit. We'll pick our favorite image and the winner will receive £400 worth of gear from our ‘The Other Door’ summer range.

Here's Noah leaving you with a little photo inspiration.


new merino banners4

Competition closes on July 11th.

Best and keep chasing, Ernie and crew