A beautiful film coming soon...

Behind The Tide - Official Trailer from Romain Juchereau film maker on Vimeo.

Behind The Tide is a surf documentary showing a different perspective of the surf culture with independent people getting involved in shaping, glassing, photography and surf art. It explores the nostalgia and the surfers connections using surf crafts from the past in our modern days.

Filmed in many beautiful places in Australia, Cornwall and France.
Coming out 2014.

Featuring surfers : Nathan Oldfield, Thomas Bexon, Dane Peterson, Joe Davies, James Parry, Mick Rodgers, Michael Lay, Mitch Surman, Bonnie Hall, Fred and Lily Branger and More.

Shapers : Tom Wegener, Thomas Bexon, James Otter and more

Artists: Karl Mackie, Ben cook, Pauline Beugniot, Muju studio and more

And Music by: Colin Macleod, Frankie Davies, Tom Dale and heaps more.

Production: Romain Juchereau Films

Director: Romain Juchereau