The 3 winning shots from the #yourwinter #coldwatersurf Photographic Competition.

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1st Place - Jason Swain
Jason Swain

About - It was shot at Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight on the last day of February 2014. The water is such a weird colour because a few days earlier there was a massive cliff fall just along the coast, and ever since the water has been full of chalk and really white and reflective, it also feels a bit heavier when a set wave hits you on the head. Was shot using a 500mm lens whilst standing out on the rocks known locally as 'the cabbage patch' on the right hand side of the bay.

2nd Place - Ian Pacey

Ian Pacey

3rd Place - Jon Scott

Jon Scott

Thank you again to everyone that entered the competition!

It is incredibly inspiring to see the amount of cold water surfers out their braving one of the harshest winters we have ever had. Stay safe folks, and keep tagging your images with #coldwatersurf, we love seeing them all!