Over the next 4 weeks we have the pleasure of holding up Roma Surfshop at the Finisterre Outlet Falmouth.

Roma is a small travelling surfshop. They specialise in custom surfboards from two of the UK's finest craftsmen. Always keen to get out and showcase the shops latest collection they have been popping up at the beach, in shops, cafe's & car parks around Devon & Cornwall.

Roma started in close ties with Diplock Surfboards and has been working with them to bring you a formidable quiver of what good board shaping looks like. A selection of single fins and bonzer's made up the Winter collection and have been with them on their most recent trips along with various other new and familiar templates.

Here are some of the collection that is available at the Finisterre Outlet Falmouth: More info at the Roma Surfshop Website


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Some have taken into the water, some sold before they got the chance and others have remained untouched, brand new and waiting for a new owner.

We are stoked to showcase Roma and their boards at the Falmouth Outlet, so head down talk boards with Manny and maybe pick up a new summer sled...

They are made to be surfed.


We welcome ROMA surfshop.


We will be hosting our back room at the Finisterre Outlet Falmouth to a number of board shapers and artists over the next coming months. Interested in getting involved? Send an email to and let her know!