Elizabeth Kay Huber the author of Oldr Sistr flicked up on our radar a few months back and we have been building a really rad relationship since. From the inspiring blog entires she has written and the love she has for Finisterre we felt that introducing her to you through our blog would be a great way to see and read her beautiful words.

She may not be a cold water surfer but the passion she has for the importance of functional cold weather gear is what we love.

After a bunch of emails back and forth we asked Elizabeth if she would be interested in introducing herself to our readers. She was super stoked and this is what came back...



I am always stoked when I find more fantastic cold-weather gear to add to my quiver.

My name is Elizabeth  and I live in Minneapolis, MN. I was born and raised here in the Upper Mid-West and have never moved away, despite friends who have flown to less-chilly climes. I went to school at the University of Minnesota for Retail Merchandising, French, and Interior Design, but took a break from my studies around this time last year. That is when I began writing my blog while taking freelance work doing graphic design and social content marketing.

I love stories. I love hearing them. I love telling them. I have always kept a journal. I have an innate curiosity and a reverence for the designed environment. I love apparel and products, the way something truly great has ability to transform ones life, or at least make it more enjoyable and comfortable.  A blog seemed to be the best way to marry my passion for writing, design, and storytelling in one place. It helps me keep track of my world. I never had a grand scheme for my blog. It's my ever-expanding file of inspiration that I love adding to, and I only hope that perhaps it is inspiring or memorable to those who stop by from time to time.


I keep really busy with work, so the blog has become an in-the-moment practice rather than something pre-determined. An amazing collection of personal experiences, the ability to live with integrity and beauty, and the courage to tell life as it happens is what I hope to be doing more of this year. As such, I see no reason why my blog will not grow naturally while upholding these tenants.

If we're truly talking plans, I have always wanted to publish a book, a large piece of creative non-fiction. I see the blog as my workspace for that longer-term project. In recent months I have also been kicking around the idea of making my own semi-annual magazine available for download or subscription. We'll see.


Back in January I wrote a post about women and work boots. I love wearing my Red Wings and Chippewas and vintage engineers so of course it was all about my desire to get more women into wearing moc-toes. Todd, your head of product development and design, saw my post (I believe via LinkedIn because we were connected) and gave me the proverbial 'thumbs up.'I sent Todd a message back thanking him for his support, and Todd responded that he enjoyed my post, and mentioned that If I ever wanted to write about Finisterre, the company he worked for, I'd be more than welcome to do so, as it seemed like something I would maybe like.


I had never heard of your cold-water surf company before, so I went to the website and immediately knew there was an incredible story I wanted to share on my blog. The scope of the brand, Finisterre's dedication to sustainability and best practices when it comes to production, the attention to heritage, detail, and craft; the product assortment that was stylish, yes, but also exceedingly functional-- I was in love. I had such a great time writing and researching that entire post and am so grateful to now have such a fantastic relationship with all of you across the pond.


I have never cold-water surfed! While this may seem silly, to have such a passion for a cold-water surf brand and to have never cold-water surfed, I assure you that our winter conditions here in Minnesota warrant my fandom for truly functional cold-weather gear. I have a couple Finisterre sweaters I wear regularly; these are my newest essentials and I look forward to adding more of the lightweight shells and parkas to my closet next winter. This season we had over 60 days of below-zero temperatures, so lightweight, non-bulky technical garments are a necessity no matter the activities one partakes in. I still want to cold-water surf though. I plan on checking that off my bucket list sometime this year. Despite being land-locked, there are plenty of opportunities to surf Lake Superior. I'm bookmarking a special trip up to the delightfully laid-back lakeside town of Grand Marais this August. They have a couple really great surf shops up there, It reminds me a bit of Vancouver or somewhere else along the Pacific Northwest coast.


You can find Oldr Sistr via her Facebook, Instagram and Blog