6 weeks ago we were invited to Falmouth University to meet a class of aspiring students from the Performance Sportswear Design BA (Hons) course. A very unique degree that puts them at the heart of one of the fastest growing areas of fashion design. Design companies, manufacturers and retailers are expanding into the sports apparel area and Performance Sportswear Design  is one of a very few courses offering specialised sportswear design training to address this ever-expanding market.

We have always had a strong connection with Falmouth University and getting to meet the next generation of sportswear designers has always been incredibly exciting!

After meeting with the students, talking about Finisterre and the products we produce, we set them a task.

Where will cold water surfing be in 2025? And what will the cold water surfer be wearing? 

We supplied them with a range of fabrics and materials and left them to it!


And this is what came back.

Lucy-Quinn hugh_brayshaw Max_Reigbert Rachel_ellis

Katharina-Gastberger rachel_bent rachel_bent-2 paige_eager paige_eager-2 paige_eager-3 annie_may_bradley




An incredible selection of work from some really talented designers. You can see the full range from the course at their Degree Show on the 21st May. We will be there too, so come and say hey!

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