We thought it would be great to share with you a selection of books that have been floating around the Finisterre workshop.  Books that have been inspiring us and those we love to pick up when we have that spare minute on the couch with a coffee.

There are hundreds of books dedicated to surfing; it's history, guides, and biographies etc... But what about cold water surf specific books?

Many of the books we keep in the workshop are of surf exploration, photo journals of surfers pushing boundaries, atlases of the Northern Hemisphere, and several adventure related books.

A couple of books that we've had for some time which are now firmly a part of my desk contents are Tim Nunn's 'Numb' and Chris Nelson's 'Cold Water Souls'.

Both focusing on the beauty of cold water surfing with lots of stories and shots that will make you wish you where in -25 Alaska surfing that perfect empty right hand point with only a bear to be seen... I highly recommend checking out both!










Chris Nelson's Cold Water Souls is also available to buy from the Finisterre online shop.

The books we have aren't just surf and trip focused though. Everyone has their own stash on their desk... From  Cornish Heritage and the fishermen of Polperro, to guides on how to build your own cabin in the woods. With some mythology, design appreciation, photography, and many reference and food related books tucked inbetween. (The guide to smoking your own food is always a popular choice)


















Books are important to us at Finisterre.

Maybe one day we will publish our own story...

Happy World Book Day!