As a welcome to the spring times and with the summer on the horizon we held our first hand plane shaping workshop at the Finisterre HQ. Hosted by James Otter of Otter Surfboards, we had 6 spaces that were taken up by an awesome group of folk. All winners of a recent competition (sign up to the Finisterre Newsletter for more info).

Tom Kay, Finisterre Founder also sneaked in on the shaping action as well.

Otter and TK talk rail bevels
Our two 8 man swedish tents where set up back to back which made a perfect workstation for the day to take place. Mat Arney was there to capture the action and Poco Rosso to fuel the shapers.

We would recommend it to anyone wanting to  shape their own hand plane or surfboard to head over to Otter Surfboards and book a slot at the next workshop!

A big thanks to James and the guys and girls that made the day happen!

For more about James Otter and how the hand plane is a perfect addition to anyones quiver... Click here


All Images by Matt Arney

Minimini Simmons Handplane