The Challenger’s Almanac – fighting dumb business


A book led by ideas. Stories from the people who care about the products they create, the relationships they make and the guys who stand for doing the things that matter.

Started as a side project by our neighbours up here at the Wheal Kitty Workshops. A creative group of folk that were frustrated with the businesses that have no soul. They wanted to show the world that there are people that are passionate about the work they do. They approached their heroes in business from around the world to write down their inspirational stories. They then brought together photographers Alastair Sopp and Rasmus Keger, and tattoo artist Josh Vyvyan who were all making waves in their own corners of the world to create the visuals. The Almanac has been created by people who see enough potential in an idea to build it piece by piece in between projects, at night, on trains and on weekends.

Tom Kay was one of those 'heroes'.

'I always wanted my brand to be committed. Committed in terms of our product, committed in terms of the environment and committed in terms of relationships and the people involved. It’s been a bumpy ride and there have been times when we’ve been tempted from the path, but I’m proud to say 10 years on those early brand ideals very much exist today.' - Tom Kay

You will have to pick up the book for more about Tom and how Finisterre has grown.

The Challengers Almanac_TomKay





If the blurb doesn't do it for you the Kickstarter Campaign video will!

The godfather of Challenger brands. The speaker of one of the most watched TedTalks of all time. The A-list celebrity revolutionising family products. The accountant who is redefining client relationships. The man who is getting his town making jeans again. The woman who is helping to fix the future. The eyewear brand that’s given 500,000 pairs of glasses to people in need. The clothing company who wrote a manifesto celebrated by over 100 million people. The market researchers that take inspiration from the freaks and geeks. The scheme that takes a small amount of turnover and changes the world with it. The designers who have visually branded some of the world’s most successful Challengers. The people heading up the rise of the maker. The paint company taking on its industry. The certification that represents the world’s most responsible brands. The young entrepreneur whose business is a force for good. The beer club that champions the little guys. The founder of the nicest creative blog in the world. The women who champion equality in the workplace. The cartoonist who consults for the world’s biggest brands. The creatives carving out time for creativity. The travel company with a thirst for new challenges. The guys who stand for doing the things that matter. The agency that rebels against traditional marketing. The sustainable apparel company creating a new category. The confectionary company with a penchant for good. The woman who will change the way people give. The serial entrepreneur who thrives on failure. The King of Shoreditch.

If there is one Kickstarter to back. This is it. 

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