Chasing space - living and surfing within a cold water surf environment.

We've defined cold water surfing as living and surfing within a cold water surf environment. We believe that in order to truly travel to uncrowded cold waves, you have to be able to live within a cold remote coastal environment and be able to surf it.

In order to do this, cold water surfing requires the right products. If you want to live in a -15 degree environment in order to surf world class uncrowded waves, you have to use products that are not only high quality, but that will keep you alive, that is why we believe in building the category of cold water surfing and the products used for it - both to live and surf.

Every expedition, exploration, trip, starts with knowledge of the place, skill set to be able to travel, live and surf it and it also requires the right products to do it.

Kit List

This is our cold water surf kit list, consider it a starting point, a guide to travelling to more remote and uncrowded cold water surf environments and being able to live and surf within them.

Start gathering your cold water surf kit...