Finisterre Repairs


Every product tells a story - why we designed it, which fabrics/materials we use and how it has been involved in your life.

We’ve been making garments for over 11 years now – that’s quite a long time and there are a fair few Finisterre products out there, many with interesting tales to tell. We want our products to last a lifetime – become that favourite item in the bottom of your bag or in the back of your car.

With this in mind, we’d much rather breathe new life into old jackets than add them to landfill. Holly has been running the in house repair service for over 6 years at Finisterre. She can patch, sew, fix and breathe life back into the most severe patients that are sent in. After a stint under her intensive care, jackets leave the workshop with a new lease of life (and often a coloured patch or two), ready for years more service. Washed, re-proofed and ready for action.

But please don’t just send in your jackets to Holly, send in your stories too.



finisterre_repairs_2_before finisterre_repairs_1_before








finisterre_repairs_2_after finisterre_repairs_1_after








jacket_repair jacket_repair_bk










Our Services include: -

  • Wash and Re-Proof - £12
  • Darning to Cotton Jersey/Merino Fabrics - £11
  • Insulation - 1 Small Patch - 12.50
  • Insulation - 2 Small Patched - £16
  • Insulation - 1 Medium Patch - £16
  • Insulation - 1 Large Patch - £20
  • Insulation - 3/4 Patches - £30
  • Fix Pockets - £12
  • Inside Hem Replacement Pull Cord - £22
  • Replace Velcro On Cuffs/Tabs - £20
  • Zip Replacement (allow 1 month) - £45

These are not the final cost, just a rough guide. You will be informed of the final price. All costs include return postage.