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Riess Enamel Sustainability Report

Top Ten Good Reasons why to Use RIESS Porcelain Enamel on your cold water surf trip.

1. It is CO2 neutral. It is made from natural materials, using green energy from our own hydroelectric power, produced in an environmentally-friendly way in Austria.
2. Perfect for healthier and energy-saving cooking. The strong steel core and the specially constructed base allow heat to be conducted quickly. The heat input can be reduced quickly, allowing energy to be saved and food to be cooked gently.
3. Due to its steel core, induction cookware is suitable for cooking and baking on all types of cooker.
4. Odour neutral. Porcelain enamel is a coating made from glass. This means that all food and ingredients retain their natural, unadulterated taste.
5. Anti-bacterial and easy to clean. The smooth, non-porous surface ensures a perfect level of hygiene when cooking, baking and conserving food and enables healthier cooking.
6. Extremely firm scratch-resistant, as the surface of the enamelware is made from hard glass.
7. Nickel free kitchenware can be used safely by people with nickel allergies.
8. Available in a variety of colours and designs. Porcelain enamel brings vitality into the kitchen.
9. Extremely durable and, if cared for and used properly, this cookware will last for many years.
10. Completely recyclable into scrap metal. Enamelware consists of an iron core and a glass surface and is made from 100% natural materials.