Tips for the perfect body surf

1. Wave selection and position on the face of the wave. Never try to catch white water, always go to the peak, or if the wave is closing out in sections try to choose the areas that give the longest ride. If the wave has broken let it go.

2. Body position and finding the power in the wave. 90 percent of the waves you will catch will allow your body to sink into the face, so use your fins and the power of the wave to cork you out of the face. Try to have the handplane in the position as if you are waving at some one directly in front of you it almost feels like a break as the face of the wave pushes you forward. Try to turn on to your side with your back against the face. If there is enough power try to get your leading arm bent with your elbow under the side of your ribs, but this depends on the power of the wave.

3.The fins that get you going are also a key to how much initial speed you get which helps keep you in the pocket and how streamlined you can make your body.

Fins are optional and make getting into a wave much easier. However, if you are body surfing in the shore break, it is sometimes easier to leave the fins on the beach. When you are learning how to bodysurf keep close to shore, you will be able to launch into the wave by pushing off the ocean floor.

Made in Cornwall by Andy Garner. Against the Grain