We've had our eyes firmly fixed on his work for a while.

We'd heard about him, the cold waves he'd traveled to and then we met him in passing in Munich - he was humble, he was in transit, trying to get to the next chart.

Chris McClean is an award winning film maker, he is a cold water surfer and he's been the man behind the filming of every cold water surf trip we've been on this year.

We're currently working on the post production, we've seen parts and although biased, what we've seen thus far is beautiful - it showcases what cold water surfing is - living and surfing in cold water surf environments.

The film will be premiering at the London Surf Film Festival October 31st, if you're in London, get tickets for the night.

Below is Chris' 2012 Showreel, it's a flavour of what the man is capable of.

Amazing thus far Chris, privileged to have you on board, privileged to be a part.