Simple products are the right products, if the little which remains is enough for you.

The Etobicoke is a simple product, we believe it has everything for you. It is lightweight, which means it is easy to live with. Whether you are walking, or holding it under your arm, or you're taking it off in a plane, the tube, or an 8 man tent in Norway. It is the type of garment you never really feel when on.

It is highly water resistant, which means that water does not do a very good job of making it heavy due to the rain, which also means that it dries very quickly - this is if it needs any drying at all.

Is is totally windproof, which means that gusts do not find a way to make contact with your skin, in fact - you will never feel the wind, so long as our Etobicoke is covering a specific area of the body, which in this case, would be from an area north of your waist, up to the middle of your neck and of course your arms - it is a jacket after all.

It has an extra 30mm of extended windshell fabric along the back of the neck. We did this because this area of the neck is where lots of blood flow travels and most importantly, close to the skin. Which means if left exposed to the wind, can keep you from maintaining an average/comfortable body temperature.

We have kept the Etobicoke simple, always small refinements from years previous. It is no wonder that our Etobicoke is our most popular product to date, it has always been enough for you.

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