In 1954 Aston Martin launched their DB3S - a 3 litre inline 6 RWD. It's top speed was 145mph and it went from 0-62 in 6.5 seconds.

It is now one of the finest automotive collectors items in the world - selling for £809,000.

Will our limited edition chocolate and flame insulation that we're launching this weekend sell out in 6.5 seconds? Probably not. Will the people who deliver them to your doors travel at speeds nearing 145mph? probably not. Will they sell in years to come for hundreds of thousands of pounds? Probably not.

But do they have a chance of being Finisterre collectors items in years to come - we'd like to think so, so this Saturday will be your chance to grab one.

Limited edition chocolate and flame insulation is available to buy in our Shop and only in our shop at Wheal Kitty, St Agnes this Saturday the 28th.

First 6 customers that spend over £200 in the shop, will receive a limited edition print from our recent trip to Norway by Tim Nunn.

Espressini our beloved coffee house in Falmouth, have beautifully crafted a hot chocolate for us to serve throughout the day.

Open from 10-4pm - Maris and Jess will be ready and waiting.