"Tobin and I have a vision of a beautiful and sensitively designed community space where people can surf, picnic, play, work, socialise and enjoy the beautiful outdoor space that Bristol has to offer. This space should be accessible to everyone and really show that, if done thoughtfully, you can bring together urban life and rural beauty in harmony and bring benefits to the local community and ecology. Bristol historically has the gift of engineering and raw beautiful nature. The thought of blending and preserving these very precious local traditions excites me beyond belief.

Equally, the thought of not jumping into a car for 5 hours and stamping a big carbon footprint every time we want to surf, will make me feel a whole lot better about surfing." - Nick Hounsfield

Yesterday The Wave, using Wave Garden Technology announced their location for The Wave. They have agreed terms over a 40 acre site near Bristol which straddles land at Over Court Farm in Almondsbury and Washingpool Farm in Easter Compton.

It's one thing to hear this news from media sources and another to hear it directly from the people who have believed in it from day one. We know Nick and Tobin well, they've been swinging at this fence for a couple years now and to see it happen is an amazing thing - we're pumped for you guys. We're not sure how exactly we're going to be involved with The Wave, but we wanted to celebrate and share the win - you guys know where we are, tell us when our little army can get to work.

The Wave from Nico Waves on Vimeo.