We've been shooting product videos here at Finisterre for seven years now. We go to the same spot, just behind the workshop, it's this green door, looks like you could blow it down with a breath of air and we take a box of products and a handful of jacked up people.

In order to shoot great product videos, you've got to do three things.

1) enthusiasm - ensure the people you've got are jacked up, that they believe in why you do what you do.

2) just roll tape - there's no point in staging things, forget about a brief, it's a team effort, throw caution to the wind. If the product is perfect and the people are pumped, you're going to get great footage.

3) turn product over - get the product in view and just flash through the pieces, leave very little time to pause, no breaks - keep piling on and taking off the products, people laugh and it's candid.

PS - at the end of shooting, you'll have some extra bits, the stuff that happens behind the scenes, don't throw it out, slam it together and give some a glimpse of what happens behind the silver curtain. Out takes from our recent Spring launch video reel.