It involves last minute flights, making sure your gear is right, swell, wind and tide have to be perfect, tow teams pulled together in hours, phone calls from morning to night, cultural differences, living out of a bag and then finding form when the swell arrives.

Garrett McNamara traveled from Hawaii to Nazare, with tow partner Kealii Mamala, and a support tow team made up of - Kamaki Worthington and Hugo Vau, to back them up.

The conditions in Nazaré were very good. Light southern winds and strong swell coming from the northwest and hitting the local canyon as it should.

Tó Mané, is the man behind the lens, he's one of the most gifted surf photographers in Europe and got the call from Garrett, when the swell chart started lighting up.

People are now beginning to ask the question, has Garrett McNamara ridden the 100-foot wave in Nazaré?

You wonder what the feeling is like when big swell and the best big wave surfers in the world converge? A good friend of the workshop - Chris Bertish and Finisterre Ambassador Carlos Burle - paddle you through it.