Start a company that will drive a totally new concept forward and build that company off technical know how, thinking differently and being responsible in terms of how you run it.

People, industry pundits, almost everyone, except those close to us, told us that it was a pipe dream. 

We never looked back, you make your decisions in life and the ones that make it, are the ones powered by conviction.

Just recently we decided to take this cold water surf company to the biggest city in the UK, again - we never looked back.

How do you take a cold water surf company born on the North coast of Cornwall to the big city? Aside from the obvious, it was all about the people. We put in phone calls to the people closest to this place, we drew up plans in our workshop and we formulated a plan that would bring straight lines, some steel and the warmth of wood into a vacant room on the side of a very big building on Regent Street. 

People who know us came and said hello, people who didn't know us also came and said hello. Should you have missed it, you would've seen a large gun (surf board) strapped to one of the queen's buildings and some wetsuits hanging off a door. Inside, you would've noticed the product that makes Finisterre, beautiful lighting and a touch of warmth an oak table naturally brings. 

In short, the pop-up was one of our greatest adventures to date. We screened movies, we enjoyed some fine ale and most importantly, we went forward with this cold water surf company and in the process, met new people along the way.

London, you have a little place in our hearts and something's telling us we'll be seeing you again.

Special thanks to: James Bowthorpe and Craig White, without these guys, there'd be no such thing as a cold water surf company in London.