His name is Karl Mackie. He just recently locked up a beautiful piece in this months issue of The Surfer's Path. When we saw it and heard that Karl lived not so far away, we decided to meet. We talked about his board shaping, his resin tints, his photography and the dream of a book. He's humble, appreciative and leaves you wanting to know more - we liked him very much.

Below was one of the images featured in the article, we wanted to know more about it and so he told us:

'On the day I shot 'The Corner' I had planned a shooting day, it was winter 2012 and one of those days when its cold but sunny, the sky was bright and clear, really good light for shooting so I loaded up a roll of Lomo film in my Canon AV1 (1974) and also my holga and I just went walking, i'm lucky that I live a field away from where I surf and that where I went, perched on the cliffs shooting perfect glassy waves, thinking why the hell am i shooting and not surfing. The shot that I call 'The Corner' was a real opportunist capture, I have never seen this part of the beach working before and as soon as I had the negs back and saw it I knew it was special, for one It means a lot to me as I know this spot so well and also it opened my mind to new possibilities on the wave, I guess the day, the light and mother nature all came together for the shot I was hoping to get when I left home'